Queens Wharf Block Party

It was a rainy day and I heard that there was a free festival with live music, art and crafts happening at the Cloud today. So I decided to go and check it out.

Inside the Cloud, there was a small market with people selling various arts and crafts, vintage clothing, paintings, jewellery and perfumes made from essential oils.

It was nice to explore the different areas of the block party and there were different spaces for different activities such as an interactive art zone, a live performance area with mats for the audience, free sports activities and food stalls.

I enjoyed meeting different craftspeople, bloggers and business owners from different backgrounds and walks of life. It was inspiring to meet the lovely ladies from Axes and Arrows and Laura from Heyman Bowties. I think it’s great that people can make a living from selling vintage, handmade clothing and accessories.

I also met Sarah from Sewloveteado. She owns a sewing lounge in St Kevin’s Arcade and runs a blog. She runs sewing courses, does alterations and sells handmade products. We had a great conversation about sewing and using patterns. I have decided that I would like to learn how to sew over the summer holidays and brush up on my skills with a sewing machine. I remembered the last time I had touched a sewing machine was back in my year 12 Textiles and Design class in high school. I have memories of sewing my first dress and following a pattern. Unfortunately, by the time I had finished sewing the dress it did not fit me and it had plenty of holes from my unpicking. I am hoping that one day I will be able to make my own clothes and do my own sewing repairs. So with that in mind, I decided to buy my own mini sewing kit from Sarah’s stall for $5. It contains a few buttons, needles, black and blue thread. I guess it’s not a bad place to start…

I also had the privilege of meeting Rose from Decadia Vintage who was doing free vintage hair styling and makeovers. It was interesting because I discovered that Rose had studied Geography at the university I am currently attending. However, she decided to go into a different field. I really enjoyed listening to Rose’s story about her career path as she was styling my hair into 1940’s victory rolls.

I’m glad that I decided to walk into the Cloud today despite the wet weather in Auckland. I learned a lot from meeting different people from different walks of life. I’m sure that Auckland would definitely benefit from having more arts and crafts events and opportunities for people to interact through a shared space. I hope to see more activities held at Queen’s Wharf in the future. It’s always great to have something fun to do on a rainy day like this in Auckland.


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